Andrew Needles

Creative Partner

“Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations.” – Paul Rand


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Andrew’s Specialties

Graphic Design
Production Design
User Experience Design
Web Development
Game Design
Packaging Design


Andrew is a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, web designer, user experience designer, cad operator, draftsman and all around creative problem solver. The full list of hats that he wears on a daily basis is exhausting to relate, so we simply like to call him a Creative Designer. His goal is to create visually interesting and engaging solutions to any design problem that faces him, regardless of the content and conditions.

Andrew has a degree in graphic design from Cal State Fullerton, where he also studied engineering and a wide variety of art related subjects from the history of architecture to glass casting. He’s been freelancing as a designer for over 10 years and has worked for individuals, start-ups, non-profits, small businesses and a few large businesses too. He has also worked as an in house designer in the special events industry.

In his spare time, Andrew likes to play and design video games and board games and look for new design challenges to solve.

My Turning Point

“A major turning point in my life, professionally at least, was when I changed majors in college. Two and a half years into my mechanical engineering degree I hit thermodynamics, a 300 level core study course for engineers that had a monstrous drop rate. My class in particular started with 30 students…and ended with around 12, and not everyone passed. I know I barely did. Aside from the headaches and lost sleep trying to keep up, what I came away with was the profound understanding that it was design that I loved, not engineering. So, shortly after I somehow managed to clear the hurdle that was thermodynamics, I jumped ship to the art department and went from a C-grade engineering student to an A-grade graphic design student with a renewed desire to push the boundaries of what I was capable of. I still enjoy engineering problems, and i feel that running that gauntlet and learning from experience what worked for me has made me a better and more capable designer.”