Sky Ventures

(In Development)


Sky Ventures is a steam-punk inspired table top board game that combines resource gathering. risk management and prudent trading to create a new take on the game of creative wealth generation.

Up to six people navigate a course of flying islands, pirates and a risky detour to acquire the currency of true merchants; Venture Tokens. When a player reaches enough of this currency or has the most in the allotted time, they are the winner. Along the way they must deal with fortune in all her colors and pesky pirates looking to score of their hard work. Players must control resources and skillful trade with the market and each other to come out one top.

Sky Ventures is currently in development by Epic Penguin Studios with plans to be initially launched on Kickstarter in the Fall of 2016.


Platform: Table Top Board Game

Release Date: Fall 2016

Players: 2 to 6

Play Time: 60 to 180 Minutes

Ages: 12 and Up