Pirates of Ares

(In Development)


Pirates of Ares is a turn based tactical space combat board game with modular board elements, loot, and pirates!

Players take turn navigates a board made up of 4 space junk filled segments littered with valuable loot that can change the tide of battle. Attack, board, and use special abilities to destroy the enemy and lay claim to your own corner of space.

The game will ship with 4 fleets; each with their own deck of cards and 2 ships and a tactical fleet board. It will also come with 4 double sided game board segments that are used to create the game board. Loot tokens, a loot deck of cards, and 2 dice round out the contents providing up to 4 players the means to do battle. Different game modes can be played with the same initial set including 4 player free for all, team based 2 versus 2 and even a 1 on 1 duel. The 1 on 1 dual game type serves as the basis for potential tournament play, with players only using 2 quads to make up the game board instead of 4.

Additional fleets, quads and even additional cards for the loot deck are planned based on the success of the Kickstarter and the game as a whole post campaign.

Pirates of Ares is currently in development by Epic Penguin Studios with plans to be initially launched on the GameCrafter.com and later Kickstarter in the first quarter of 2017.


Desktop Backgrounds (1920×1080)


Platform: Table Top Board Game

Release Date: 1st Quarter 2017

Players: 2 to 4

Play Time: 60 to 180 Minutes

Ages: 12 and Up