Ludus: Rise to Glory

(In Development)


Ludus: Glory of Rome is a multiplayer game designed for mobile operating platforms. In it, players build and run their own gladiator school, called a ludus, and train gladiators to compete in martial combat to acquire wealth and fame. Players start of with a basic ludus competing in arenas on the outskirts of the Roman empire. As they build their ludus and acquire wealth and fame, they work their way to compete in the ultimate gladiatorial contest in the Coliseum itself!

Game Features

Take on the role of the leader, not the fighter.

Constant Universe; Schedule your fights and build upgrades in real time, allowing you to play when you have the time.

Based on Real History

World Wide Leader boards


Platform: Mobile OS (Android, Windows & iOS)

Release Date: In Development

Players: Massively Multiplayer

Ages: 12 and Up