ESL-HS-Legendary Series-S3

ESL TV Hearthstone Legendary Series Screen Assets Package

This contract involved the creation for the base broadcast screen graphics for a new tournament series that ESL had decided to run. It involved creating clean, layered Photoshop files and screen ready transparent PNGs that could be easily manipulated by the teams running the show. ESL wanted to remain close to the structure they had used for Blizzcon earlier in the year as to remain familiar to viewers, but wanted it to visually look different so that those same viewers wouldn’t think that Blizzard was the one putting on the show. To achieve this, we used a combination of two textures, burled wood and rusted metal, to create a layered platform for the text and information that was to be presented on screen. We also used glowing, gold edging and a fragmented debris effects to liven up the elements. In all, we designed 14 screens, including the caster title screen, the in game tournament screen, the mulligan screen, the tournament brackets screen, the broadcast break screen, and the player information screen. We also designed the series’ logo, which conformed to both ESL and Blizzard’s branding guidelines.